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The first toast


I hear the church bells ring

The old door creaks as they walk through

These folks who drove all the way

To be here just for our special day


They rest now in neat wooden lines

Hushed words swirl through the sweet air

Your girls chuckle at your anxious sighs

As you add that final touch of flair


Outside the window my head’s sunk low

I am shifting my feet along the green grass

Pop’s filling me on all I should know

Says I better take care of his wicked lass


I look up; look straight; nervously meet his glare

Say, this is me; and there ain’t nothing to hide

Then we turn; my joy, his smile wry

As you come down the aisle; my beautiful bride


Now words have been my thing

Coz you’ve been my inspiration

But next to you, thinking of the life to come

My tongue’s frozen in anticipation

So I fumble through my pocket

Searching for those vows on a page

You hold them in your hand

Wink, as I say, I am yours for every age


When we stroll down arm in arm

This rice the crowd flings

By the side your gramp’s a bit high

We grab a shot with the others

Watch him get down, dirty and sing


Then in my car we sit

All set to hit the coast

But Pops clinks his glass

To love, he seeks our first toast


Girl, in my head are buzzing

A million brittle thoughts

Only, a rare fool lives the dream

That he’s forever sought

So I stand and smile

Yeah I say all that’s true

Raise the glass; kiss your lips

Whisper, I love you…

Life and love…



She’s standing by the doorway

This last time around

Your silence does the talking

There ain’t need for a sound

Tonight’s the night for the dance

That’s been a long time coming

Once there used to be a reason to ask

Now there’s no need for persuading


Coz life has an odd way

Of letting you down

All the tales that you’ve woven

Are strange when they come around


Now your fingers tangled with each other

Your hearts are moving as one

These rules no longer bother

What’s done is long gone done

For those lost, treasured chances

Once again you both dive

In the warmth of those arms

You breathe; she comes alive


Coz love has an odd way

Of letting you down

All the dreams that you’ve chosen

Remain lost and found


Now these times are changing

As the clock strikes the hour

Not a wish lasts forever

Even the one on a falling star

And then you kiss goodbye

Yeah you laugh; you lie

Hold your breath for a moment

As to other worlds you each do fly


Coz life has an odd way

Of letting you down

All the tales that you’ve woven

Are strange when they come around

Yeah love has an odd way

Of letting you down

All the dreams that you’ve chosen

Remain lost and found

A hair dare



It’s been a long while

To that day when we met

In the years that have gone by

We’ve shared such joy

And there’s been that regret

When we found ourselves

Trapped within life’s merry-go-round

Spun together; spun alone

For the want of these dreams

These hopes and loves we chase

Did you know that you and I

Yeah, the two of us

Would wind up in this strange place


There’s a comfort in our discomfort

An ease in this unease

In the wishes we claim

And the favors we offer

Never do I thank

You never say please

So today you ask again

Cloaked as a whimsical dare

Say can you ponder, Mr. writer

About a simple lock of hair

I stop to think; I hem and haw

Let the images flash through

Wonder what from them I draw


Down your face they come cascading

A sweet veil over your eyes

Behind them you smile

They’re your excuse; your lies

But these things I dare say

Coz that’s just not our way

But girl I wish you could know

That these games that we’ve played

How they’ve made my ends fray

For as we go through our days

Some stumbling; some gliding

Another knot today we unshackle

Through your wicked little chuckle

As you laugh at my age

And the line atop that’s receding

And so said dad…



There are nights that I see him

Rocking in that creaky pine chair

In his voice ever so wondrous

I know there lies untold despair

There’s a bond of life between us

These shackles nature’s bound us in

The love between a son and a father

Touched by a hate built into the age-old design


Now I grew up searching for a hero

The kind that never does exist

But for the cry of that child within

Ignore the truth, yeah as you do

Remain naive and persist

So I carried on till that fateful day

The hour we could see each other

Standing in the shadows off the light

As two men just like any other


So as I ask him tonight

Tell me how is it that you did

He spells out all his flaws

These aging eyes glistening and fervid

He says son I got no gospel to offer; not a saint’s advice

There are just two things that I know

And we each do them through all our lives

This is all I’ve learned through joy and strife

There are those days when you love someone

At others you find your soul burnt in a fight

My child, there ain’t much that ever is wrong

But then there is even lesser that ever is right

And in between these moments, you sit alone

Your body folded in your sheets

Your heart easing along in steady beats

And then you smile to the mirror

Tell yourself, how beautifully have I grown

Mood and Sense


It wasn’t that long ago

When we’d let it go; we would forego

It hurt; but we lived as casual

Accept facts; it was business as usual

When we raised our heads

When we looked around

Saw the grief of the many

Let it be; we counted our pennies

You called us lazy; you called us lethargic

Our passive whining; you termed pathetic

We ain’t victims; perhaps unwilling, we are participants

We denied with fervor; but those are our taints

So when we were sitting in our chairs

You branded us as cynics; without cares

You shook your head and you scoffed

Said this land was not our beloved

But now when we’re out on the street

Walking the tar with our weary feet

You tell me this can hardly be real

It’s just us, and we are always fickle

It’s just us; we aren’t the people


Now we know that there are institutions

We respect that there are structures

Do you think this we relish

Do you think it we really cherish

Burning to ashes these solemn pages

That were nourished through troubled ages

The truth is that you left us and them forsaken

Our apathy, your ruse, permeating destitution

May have started a trend; but now it’s a revolution

So learn this today; that this faith is shaken

And understand my friend

It’ll be a long road to restitution

All we can hope is that in this process

In this once in a while churning

Your and our moods pass; and returns that sense

Lest we lose out on that ideal we began with

And for which we are, till now, all yearning

(A take on the recent events in India )

My lover girl



Some days you treated me rough

And then you walked away

On those seldom nights

When our dreams got in each other’s way

Saw your face turn

The light changing in our room

Left me lonely in the search

Of that once promised land

So I watched you play out that weather-beaten trick

With these twisted, sweet lines

The ones you choose to forever stick

But when I called you out; when I asked you why

I knew you always had that old bone to pick

My lover girl


When you came back at day

Your eyes drenched with all you had

I held you in so close

For those words we shared unbridled remorse

But in those things that we now say

Darling, I wonder if this time

Have we finally lost our pure, loving way?

Now what these new hours will bring

I know that we both fear

And fear’s a dangerous thing

For it’s your heart you no longer trust

Yet for each of these mistakes

We say we learn and grow strong

But darling, can tell me how do you restore

That foolish and true faith

When a heart, so in love, breaks again and again

My lover girl…


(Confession: A bit adapted/inspired from a Springsteen song)