Hi folks,

If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt in life, then it’s that migrations are never easy, be they physical, emotional or technical. But everything has a time and place. You cherish the old but you ring in the new.

And that just what brings me here. For a long time, I’ve been blogging about a range of topics at a number of different places, but never have I been able to bring all of that together under one roof.

It’s a constant complaint that some of you have had and I’ve long promised to act on it. So this right here, manojkewalramani@wordpress.com, is the first step in that direction.

From political writing, my take on the media, updates regarding the market reaction and critical responses to my first book to random musings, you can now find everything here.

Obviously, any major shift is a process, and your patience and suggestions are more than welcome in getting things streamlined further.

Look forward to engaging with you again…




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