The life of Dean Winchester


Sometimes I wake up and baby I feel I’m blessed

Then I look in the mirror and there’s a smile that never lets me rest

So honey I steal my eyes

I know in life there’s always a price

Some things are precious, like the flowing sands of time

Then there’s people like me, who never learn how to fall in line

So I walk out tall; darling there are days when even angels fall

You say the road ahead is one that’s been defined

And then I wonder if it’s destiny

Or nothing more than a blind man’s epiphany

I see God high above; sitting quiet behind a glass door

I wish He could touch, so I impress

And then I count the sacrifice, without a cry, without even a roar

But baby there are rules that even He can’t transgress

At night I lay in my bed warding the truth; it’s such a wicked curse

You talk about the waves and their sweet, sweet caress

I pray for eternity; honey all that time does is test

And then I see you smile; maybe where we are it’s for the best

(FYI: Dean Winchester is a character from the brilliant TV series Supernatural. And yes I am a Supernatural junkie…)


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