Dream Continuum


Has this ever happened to you? I don’t know what you’d call it, but it was one of the strangest experiences that I’ve had.

Now I am the kind of person who tends to dream a lot – only while sleeping, of course. And often I’ve noticed that my dreams range from the esoteric and weird to being basic and reality based.

There’s hardly any flying around or science fiction, and neither is there a song and dance along the Swiss Alps. But often there are thrills – strange rituals, freakish cults, difficult social situations, exploration of the ancient and lots of traveling and meeting strangers. There was even one incident that I classify as a supernatural encounter, while others call it some sort of temporary sleep paralysis.

Of course, the one ‘mainstream’ dream (I am too embarrassed to admit to the second one) that I can recollect is the Rambo-inspired adventure of taking on the forces of Saddam Hussein during the first Gulf War. Guess ‘W’ and I had more in common that I thought.

Anyway back to the point. Recently, I experienced something that I don’t quite know how to classify. A few days ago, I awoke as usual to a hot cup of tea and the memory of a strangely boring dream.

‘Ah the cricket, it’s hurting the movie business,’ I thought, recounting the dream.

It was all pretty mundane; an ordinary day; working at a place that seemed like any other office; colorless walls; long dreary filing cabinets; identical workstations; a new colleague sitting next to me; a little chit, a little chat, and then the clock strikes six; we both drive out and head home.

As dull as the ordinary Monday is what it was.

The only strange thing was that colleague was a new fellow – don’t think he seemed like someone I’ve ever known. And along that the fact he asked me for photocopies of my passport and other identity proof for filing purposes. Strange how that’s a detail I clearly remembered.

Now fast forward to last night. I wake up at 4 in the morning – in cold sweat. Something’s wrong. The lights are out and I stumble out of bed, as though hell-hounds are chasing me. A brief, panic-stricken scanning of the walls and I locate the light switch. Phew!

Seconds ease by and I see that everything’s the way it should be. Eh, the pillow seemed to have been through the wars, but then that’s just me. So I wash my face and return to bed. There’s just one image that’s doing the rounds in my head.

It was a man – a strange man chasing me around the streets of an unknown city. At the other side, there were the cops and dogs, sniffing out my every move.

And I am running; running from both of them through crowded streets and unseen alleys. My feet are battered sore; my lungs are burning with each puff of the cold air that goes in; my face is bruised – a nasty scar oozing blood; yet I can’t stop running.

You can imagine the exhaustion, considering I had slept for about two hours and all I remember is running! That is until I came to a blind turn behind a dusty brick wall.

And there he was. My colleague from the dull dream a few days ago! Imagine the fright, the dream me actually remembered him as the colleague – and I distinctly remember being petrified at the thought.

Well that was that. I think he knocked dream me to the floor then; and held me down as the cops and their pugs came over. Apparently, the colleague had taken the documents and stolen my identity, and I was being imprisoned for something.

The last I remember is being terrorized by the police and their dogs, trying to convince them that I was the real me. But apparently I wasn’t doing a good job at that. Well now that I think of it, thank goodness I awoke when I did. I’d just read a whole chapter on medieval torture and modern interrogation techniques before sleeping!

So while I will get over the scars of the security apparatus’ brutality, what I can’t seem to fathom is how on earth did I have a dream in two parts? So beautifully was I set up by my subconscious that I never got a hint of what lay ahead.

Strange, very strange that a character that bares no resemblance to anyone I know is introduced to me in my dreams and then repeats a few days later – only as a continuation of the original plot.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever experienced such a dream continuum?

(PS: Nope, I haven’t seen Inception off late.)


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  1. Oh yeah…I have! But then…now that I come to think of it..I might have actually forced my head to make me continue seeing the previous night’s dream. Oh boy! See what you did now…
    BTW – very well written K 🙂

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