The bluff


We sit across this table

Those cards held tight in your grip

Now the last man’s walked out

There’s no turning back tonight

Honey no one’s coughin’ up no tip

So you lift up that glass

Let the wine flow through your lips

You say you’re ready for a ride

All buckled up for this wild trip

I watch your hair fall

You tuck them behind your ear

The glistening light in your eyes

You know it deceives them all

With a smile, you pray for these nerves to quell

But honey, as good as you may be

Every player has a tell

Then I fold like a sucker

Yeah I lay down my hand

You roll in the loot; and tune up that band

C’mon darling set that heart free with a win

Now tease all you want honey

Grind me to dust with that wicked wink

But I watch that armour with gladness

‘Cuz it’s got a brand new chink

Still I shirk and moan; cry foul; say tough

It’s my turn to act; now that I’ve called your bluff


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