The performance


Little girl don’t be afraid

Little girl don’t walk away that shy

I know you’re scared of the crowd

You just wanna make your daddy proud

Now there’s a part to be played

There are those demons to be slayed

So dress up in these colored sheets that time’s got

I know some of them dusty old ribbons

Honey, yeah they are a knot

But hide those tears my child

And don’t you cry

The truth, I promise tonight

The strokes of these brushes will deny

You know it’s all in that book you’ve read

Why darling, these lines then do you dread?

It’s a play where there’s victory over vice

The blade of glory, it shall carve itself a slice

In the blood that it spills, there’s a cup that it fills

And then love comes knocking twice

Lifts you up; a return to paradise

So now look ahead and watch that curtain go up

Little girl, all you need to know is that you belong

I’ll be far away; holding your hand like today

Watching alone from somewhere amidst the throng


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