Through his eyes


I walk in a stranger’s shoes

Passing by these streets with no name

Honey, they say the one who wins, he proves

The rest just fall in the game

So now bruised and battered

I feel my knees so weak

Wonder if it’s the road I chose

Or is it the path I seek?

These people here they talk in tongues

Around here they say you drink your vice

So I lay down the board, darling

Once again I roll that dice

At night I stumble through the door

The change it jingles in my pocket

Kick around the clothes on my floor

The light’s out; there lies an empty socket

Cold, cold drops raining down my face

There’s a reflection in my mirror

A man I can no longer place

I see his eyes watching me

Callin’ out to all that could be

Twist and shout; I smash it bitter

But in the cracks, I still find his smile a slither


2 responses »

    • Lol, yes perhaps. But hey, thanks so much mate… really nice of you to drop by and comment, and glad u enjoyed the read..

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