A man called Joe


Down this street; above that bar

Come along darling, it ain’t that far

But be on guard; you better watch out

Behind these steps is one hungry cat

It sits so still; won’t shift until

You step on its tail; and then that’s that

So now here we are; this is his home

Here lives that man I’ve forever known

He’ll open the door; he’ll shake your hand

Ask you a question, but don’t you shift your stand

Cuz there’s this thing about Joe that I should tell you

To him, the old is old and the new, new

It’s a carnival, this life that he’s lived

But there was one day when he barely survived

He was a stranger to that girl who came right in

The rain beat his tent; a musical beginning

Now Joe held her hand

He loved her with all the madness

A summer farm; winters by the fire

Life, he knew, was now to be an art

But then came that moment

Yeah baby, the one that upset the applecart

She put out a bet; he jumped into with gladness

Picked up that dart; but he missed the mark

So he turned around to say I am sorry my dear

Found her sitting on a stool; sipping someone else’s beer

Now she walked away leaving it all unsaid

Joe’s heart stopped; I guess he thought he was dead

So then the days he passed with his trusted gun

Sitting alone in his tent

Shooting all those ducks down one-by-one

But don’t you worry; darling, he ain’t a bitter soul

Like the joker in a pack; he knew how to change his role

So he picked up all the pieces; worked through the puzzle

Soon enough, baby, yeah it couldn’t have been sooner

He found himself to be whole

So now when you see him, ask about those times

Drink a shot and do talk about love’s silly crimes

And I know that when you seek him, this is what he’ll say

Tell you his story; then want you to share your ways

Cuz, honey, there’s nothing more that old Joe loves

Than talking about those long gone glory days


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  1. This is either extremely creative or a crazy true story. I enjoyed it all the way through. I also like the point of view, I feel like I am being guided through the story.

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