With every truth…


Just eight years old when he turned on the light

Walking down the staircase, little Jonny saw his first fight

She was lying by the doorway; crying to herself

While he was kickin’ free at that wayward bar

Then the dark turned to dawn, and she packed up their lunches

The crunchin’ in his pit, Jonny knew, these were no longer just hunches

So when she walked him to school, trying to play the fool

He asked, mama tell me if he loves us

She smiled; nodded silly and just put him on the bus

But waving her face away; Jonny saw those tears dry

And that day he learnt; with every truth there is a lie

Now Jonny got a job in the big city

Dealing money on the Street; he thought he could fly

At morning he’d go to work  dressed up

Wearing that new black coat and a yellow tie

These hours he’d spend behind that glass wall

Looking down on all things so small

Caught high in the smoke though

He couldn’t see the fall

So sitting in the bar with his friends that night

Jonny smiled at one and all

Said yeah we did all that what we could

Told them it’s still just as good

But as he weaved those tales, deep inside he knew

Darling, try as you may try

With every truth there is a lie

Now with all that he had lost

Jonny still found love in the winter frost

In the arms of a girl; her eyes so deep and blue

To a new town then he took his wrench

It was the place where she read to kids on a bench

There they built a house by the river; guarded by white fences

But time’s funny mister; it heeds no defences

It casts a spell of magic; mist and dew

Such that, darling, you won’t even be you

So as her days grew long, he saw a colored visage

Remained under the Chevy in his rundown garage

Some times he’d emerge, watch her do the dishes

Then ask for a kiss; it was one of his wishes

She’d close her eyes; yeah she would still sigh

But those lips had a stranger’s taste; she couldn’t deny

Lying in their bed; so cold, so hard

That night he saw her face shining in love’s fallen light

He cried ‘you can’t tell me that the end is nigh’

Pulled her close and asked for a brand new start

She held his hand; promised they were fine

Nothing between them, she said, could ever go awry

But with every truth, darling, there is a little lie…


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