Words unsaid


I remember walking in the morning
Line of sand blowing on the beach
You said son listen to the wind
Learn all that it can teach
In this quiet little town
There’s much that you can do
So when you get around, son
Take my dreams along with you

But when I got on that train
Mama said it drove you insane
Her voice trembling through the wires
Down the weight of our desires
She said son travel safe
On these streets of no name
Don’t forget the beat of my heart
From this is where you came

So soon I got a job
Pulling load for a friend called Rob
Thought in his eyes I stood
Bringing down these great big trees
Working with splinters of wood
At night we sat together in the bar
He gave me then a big black car
Speeding down this highway with him
Mama they call it route thirty-nine
Feel the summer breeze blowing through my hair
I knew that I’d paid my fare
But then he picked up that knife
Drove it in deep from behind

So now I lie alone blue and red
Think why won’t you call instead
Let me climb back again through that fence
Return to your sweet innocence
But this phone ain’t ringing
So I pick up and dial to a stranger’s voice
See you in peace there in your bed
Guess some of these words are best left unsaid


4 responses »

    • Cheers Sowmya, thanks so much for your kind words… hope you can go through them all and the new ones coming.. 🙂

  1. From the first days to last, to a trusting hand to one that stabbed from behind.. It is all emotionally there! Beautifully written.

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