Moby’s trick


Come gather around people

Let me tell you a tale

It speaks of a ship

Caught midst a storm and a gale

Now this captain, my friend

He was a young man

Too proud to abandon

He took a tough stand

So he held on to the wheel

Cried, listen up ye all

Rest faith in your arms

And we’ll ride through this squall

But fate had it in for him

Yeah, it was him that it chose

From the depth of the seas

A great beast then arose

Its body marked with scales

The fire forming its wings

Stood tearing down the sky

In just one angry wail

Now with a snort the first front it disposed

The others fled with fear

Until their hearts stopped

And their bodies, they froze

The wheel shattered in his hands

The skipper held on with fail

Then looked up at the sky

Saw a mighty tear in the sail

With his sword in his hand

He then charged; oh he ran

Neither brave nor foolish

This was the destiny of our man

Climbing up the creature’s back

He let out a roaring cry

With his blade so sharp

He cut through the beast’s eye

Its body swung to the left

Then swung back to the right

Through the blood and the pain

He held on all night

In the morning he awoke

To the redness of dawn

Trapped in a case of pure glass

With those memories forlorn

Many years then passed

With him locked in that cage

Till the day he broke free

In a wild, blinding rage

But moving through these shards

He didn’t know would be so hard

They bit through his flesh

Leaving wounds that are forever fresh

Now he roams through these bars

All alone and aloof

Shares a drink and a laugh

Like a veteran of the wars

You can ask him this story

And he’ll narrate with due glory

But don’t seek out those scars

My friend, never you go that far

They lay hidden beneath

These new clothes that he wears

Now if you ask him to lift ’em

He’ll have to end this fable

Excuse himself; walk away from the table

‘Cuz with the pride of the battle

They carry a message so dark

That there were days, my friend

When even heroes were vulnerable


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    • Very kind of you to comment.. And i’m really glad that you enjoyed it..hope you keep returning 🙂

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