Lights, camera, action…


I knew why I was there

Oh don’t you think

That I wasn’t aware

Sitting quiet; watching calm

For a moment, I didn’t blink

Ahead on the stage of stages

I saw these creatures

Dancing in their own cages

In a distance from these lights

I know my brother’s bleeding

Not moved by these fights

His pulse is receding

One said he’s a victim of terror

The kind that does occur

Another derided human error

This we must not suffer

Poking them into this battle bitter

She moves through the crowd

There she is, the ringmaster

The wires run across her body

Her blood flows through that current

The lens rolls close for zoom

Her soul’s trapped inside that boom

Now she saves me for the last

To wind up this show

I know what she seeks

An ending wrapped neat in a bow

So beside me then she settles

Works her way to your heart strings

Why this city; from whence you came

Asks for answers to these romantic things

But then I lose my mettle

Veer way off the script

Back with my old brother

My thoughts begin to drift

She says we’re all victims

Of this heinous crime

Let’s stand tall together

Never again; not another time

But sitting back I still mumble

In my tongue, a sorry tremble

Did she want to tell my story

Share my grief through this fuss

Was it a quest for the truth

Or just her pride; her lust


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