Truth or Dare


There’s a boy on the beach

Walking on footprints in the sand

Wandering lost under the sun

When the sea washes them away

He knew the tide would rise soon

This water, it dances to the moon

Still lifting up his hands

He calls out to the sky

Cuz there’s something going on

He says he can’t understand

There’s a man walking down the street

I watch him in my sleep

Every night he crosses the other

But never do they meet

Yeah their faces are the same

They even answer to one name

They’re just pieces of a puzzle

To get by you lie and cheat and hustle

But now he’s falling on the ground

In the silent flare of the muzzle

Then I awake cold and wet

Yeah these dreams I don’t get

Cuz there’s something going on

I cry, I can’t understand

In the depths of these dungeons

We’re just prisoners all the same

Through these happy chains of denial

Stay alive in the game

But there’s a thief in the past

And he’s creeping through that door

No, you can’t turn off the light

You won’t be able to do it no more

Yeah there’s a trial going on

Some day you’ll have to take to the stand

Till then baby drown it all in the noise

Pick up that guitar and tune up the band

Say there’s something going on

That you can’t understand…


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