The cup of Joseph


Joseph was a simple man
In his heart a raging quest
Live the day doing all he can
In the arms of his love
At night he wished to rest

So he tilled the land
Beneath the blazing clouds
Rode his fleet to other worlds
But deep within lay the fear of fears
As he sat in those gilded chairs
With the kings of Arimathea

That day you crossed the lanes of his little town
The way of your wanderings
Called out through your faithful eyes
To each man and what he brings
So taking hold of your sturdy hand
He said let thy will be done
Leaving behind the wealth of her tearful gaze
Walked the path laid down by the son

In those words and the scheme that you begun
He saw the mist of the kingdom come
Then heard the sounds of those angry voices
Their swords drawn out one-by-one
You held his hand; you said a prayer
Set a task so fraught and rare
So he wrapped your body in that thin white shroud
For you to make your father proud

Now Joseph walks these weary woods
All along for eternity
The drops of your sacred blood
Flow through his mortal veins
When he tells the tales of the price you paid
To fill that cup of ancient lore

But some days, he hopes, that you’ll walk again
Step off that high and mighty throne
See the lost life that he loved
And will restore
As you learn the burden that he bore


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