The Promised Ride



I return in a rush; and curse this fate
Time’s still around, I say; baby, it’s just half past eight
But you lay locked inside; behind these gates you’ve built
Working those new black shoes; dressed in that sweet new hide
Waiting day and night; for that long promised ride
Now this radio’s been turned over so coldly
C’mon, honey you know
There ain’t no tunes playing for the lonely
So let me in darling; I just can’t take no more

Now when that door you hold
I watch it shake off its hinges
Fast and furious my heart thumps
For foolish hope it lunges
See your eyes soaking red
Darling, they could give the gods a jolt
Haunted by the ghosts of the dead
They cut through like a shimmering bolt
So walk away; now girl
Blow past me like a hushed storm
But I’ll seek out those roses
Promise to pull out every thorn
And when you lie in the light of your room
I’ll be hanging out in the darkness of your porch
Pushing down on that long, silent horn

Now you walk in the moonlight
A shadow so slow and weary
Stay behind that splintered screen
But darling, I can see through you clearly
Looking up at the sky; you pray for a shooting star
Yeah baby I see this faith’s a bit shaken
But you’ve got to know that this road’s still open
Now this world in the distance; I vow, it ain’t all that far
All it takes is you; and just a few long steps
Cuz you know, darling, for the words said and done
All I need is for you to walk into my car
Take a chance again; sit by my side
Let’s hit these streets once more
For that long promised ride


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