Life in metaphors


These days go by drifting

In this fantasy of life

The sun’s creeping through these trees

Flowers kissing the bees

There ain’t a cloud to cover up these stars


You seek a long buried treasure

Riding that royal white horse

Along this road with no measure

Following that map

That draws the good from the bad

Then you watch those yellow eyes

Lost dreams and sorry sighs

Now that blade’s checked out missing

And that dragon’s soaring high

But you know the light’s at the end

Or so in the darkness you pretend


Now go on honey

Keep on rolling that dice

Playing this part of your choice

Be that hero who’s paid the price

But know these eyes you sprinkle with sand

Cheap magic it is

A silly slight of hand

Keeps you trapped all alone

With no pain; no joy

Trapped in no man’s land


So let me know when you’re ready

When you’re faith’s far more steady

The day you see this life

And all it stands for

Then you might stop wandering our time

Such a waste; such a crime

In the forests of broken metaphors

That day I’ll walk you home

Past these poisoned woods you’ve grown

And you’ll be breathing free

Once again all flesh and bones


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    • Hahahahaha… yes perhaps and a cup of coffee with the cool evening breeze would just make the picture complete 🙂

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