In Our Time


It’s morning; but the sky is still dark and gray

The sun’s lost; yet there is that glittering hay

Hold my hand; for a moment you stay

We’re walking; down these fields of lost time and lore

Never seen, but we know that we’ve been here before

Strange how we still don’t know what lies in store

Your smile shines; like an angel spreading an innocent wing

In these clouds you are my silver lining

Darling tell me how you keep doing that thing

It’s cold out; your body folds like these silent waves

In the arms of the one who craves

Touch this falling star; this soul it saves

At night now; you hold me in your arms and kiss goodbye

I watch that tear falling down from your eye

Feel this breeze, girl, it’s a lover’s sigh

Now we’re waiting; waiting on a brand new day

Going ahead, baby, finding our own way

Still these words are short for all we have to say


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    • Hi, really glad to hear that… and thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.. means a lot.. 🙂

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