A picture of you


Grew up on this street

Learning the steps walking with you

My feet on your feet

Come back home loading heavy bags

Face drenched in guilty weeps

You hold my hand; say you still adore

Doesn’t matter if I sneaked that sheet

These things that life teaches

Some truths you learn only after you cheat

I watched you come alive

When you were with your wily sisters

As you danced away those rare nights

Through these everyday blisters

Then Pa held your hand with rough care

These truths between you

Never did you think to share, with me

Ma, your eyes were the windows

For how strange the world can be

Write a song; live a dream

Said son, build your own reality

Run around these castles of sand

Go past these million doors

Tired and weary when I stand

Your faith’s the only key

Down the road of these years

I’ve walked as you’ve watched

Slipping through the sun

The rain and the falling sleet

Got a car; built a home

Where she lives with me alone

She’s a bit like you when she mats my hair

Smiles and says how I’ve grown

Now as each year I put up these old cards you wrote

She pulls the kids into the kitchen

There’s a secret in there I know that they brew

Sketched all week did their little fingers

For your birthday they gift me a picture of you


10 responses »

  1. I had a lump in my throat reading this beautiful tribute.
    I could feel the love and respect.

    Simply marvelous!

    Glad I clicked on your link. What a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

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