The path of lights


I’d run around the city with my hair in a band

These folks by the streets reaching out for my hand

The skin of a python; this heart made of stone

Flipping over the giants that the past had sown

The grease in my hair bathed in the sweat’s trickle

These days passing by in a dime, a nickel

If you walk into my yard, do it on your peril

There ain’t no mercy here; yeah, I’ll go for the kill

Bouncing off these ropes through weary days

I climbed up the ladder in my long winded ways

Talking the truth; preaching what’s right

For that child at ten; a hero I became

But there were days, I confess

When I was blinded by the light

Along these dark lonely highways

Denied that vow; let go of those prayers

In the arms of Mary; some nights with Jane

Julie’s sitting back at home; waiting for my return

I don’t know if it’s my sin; or where did it begin

But when I turned back to check

There he was breathing down my neck

Now I was always all heart

And he was wearing them on his sleeve

Does this glory belong to anyone

Or is just a distrustful thief

So when we stepped inside, to do our little thing

I heard that voice chide; then watched that bell ring

A switch in the dark; gentle trickery

My flame doused; alas, barely flickering

He left proud; my life in his hand

Took away the gold; vanished into the wings

Now I stand here alone; taking in the crowd

My brothers they console; talk of new beginnings

Should I have fallen by the wayside

For someone else’s prime

Was it just my faults and me

Or did Judas repeat that time-tested crime


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