Your ordinary way


I entered that morning store

The little bells tinkled above the door

Just looking for some cheap caffeine

Saw you smiling across the windowpane

Sitting alone in my lonely booth

Couldn’t figure how you shuffled in so smooth

Cuz before any of these things I could say

You wrapped your fingers along with mine

All I did was fumble and stumble

Wonder if this was something special

Or, girl, just your ordinary way


You know girl I’ve loved and lost

Laid it on the line and paid that cost

So when I learn all these things you say

Watch you repeat them everyday

That this right here is a catch rare

Not bait dangling on a twisted hook

Can you blame me, honey; call me to book

If sometimes I wonder, is this the truth you share

Or is it just your ordinary way


In this home that I call my own

You entered it like a summer breeze

These things that remained under dusty sheets

Pulled them down; cleared all the clutter

With such calm and gentle ease

In your deep dark eyes lies a temptation

Their warmth promises me redemption

But, darling, I’ve known the frost to return

Sooner or later love takes a wicked turn

These dreams change shape; are made of clay

How can’t I fear then that this is nothing more

Than just your ordinary way


Through our time girl, I’ve watched and grown

When you’re away, this heart’s been forlorn

You tell me you’re driving back late tonight

I wait for you under the dim porch light

I know that this road’s been rather long

Been foolish waiting for things to go wrong

Now your eyes well up with this surprise

When I ask to be your man; pray for you to be my bride

You nod and whisper: I don’t know what to say

Darling all I need is you with me

Going through life in your ordinary way


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