Magician’s spell


In the dark of the night

See him rolling into town

He keeps a world in that wagon

Creatures locked in safe and tight

Searching through this misty haze

Pass that fence that lay bent

Slipping by the ever-watchful gaze

Walk into an empty tent

There’s a ball on the table

Blue light flickering unstable

These sparks chase down my fingers

Struggle to hold them in my palm

Then he walks cold through the curtain

Watches me nervous; uncertain

He’d pull a rabbit out a hat

Take everything you got

Hearts flowing like his ribbon

Until he’d make it all stop

Put my body in a box

Break it into two halves

Smile at the blood dripping down

And then turn it all around

So why this secret I decry

The glass gathers up my sigh

I got no tricks remaining

The light above me is changing

The engine’s losing that old steam

Guess I should wake up from this dream

With a shuffle of his hand

He pulls out that aging broken wand

Leaves with smoke in the mirrors

Playing out time’s vanishing spell

I took my pennies and moved on

Don’t care about the answers never found

Put an end to that fable

Now walk a man so unrecognizable


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