Now and Then


Lost in the spring so lonely

You were holding it all so well

Then I touched your face for a moment

Down came that tear and fell


You, didn’t know me then

As you know me now

But this love you said

Couldn’t do without


Waiting for every tomorrow

Asked me to be your world

Living in yesterday’s sorrow

Emptiness is all I heard


Girl I, didn’t know it then

As I know it now

There’s a dream I had

Locked in my heart


So when I broke these hopes tethered

Took you in by both my arms

Pieces of your heart had gathered

Taken up by someone else’s charms


You, didn’t know it then

As you know it now

That my flame inside

Someday would rise


That was many years ago now

Guess, both of us have this tale to tell

Sitting by the evening table

Sometimes share a drink or two

Laugh about our hits and losing

You pull me up; and I pull you

Isn’t this a bond so amusing

As we walk on our footprints in the sand


We, didn’t know it then

As we know it now

That this love we shared

We’d carry along


19 responses »

    • From the absolute bottom of it maam.. Thank you for reading and sharing your views… Hope you keep returning 🙂

  1. What an awesome expression of thought, Manoj! I am loving the crisp sentences woven with love. I could visulize each para, scene by scene! 🙂

    • hahaha I do… well my brother does.. but I can’t play anything other than a very crude and slow happy birthday… 🙂

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