Long ride home


I’m riding in a stranger’s car

There’s a tune playing in my head

The moon above is shining new

These weary eyes are painted red

Is the sound of an old breeze?

Blowing by the riverside

Or the song of a love

That’s fallen by the wayside


There’s a man outside that store

I see him fiddling with a locket

It holds a picture of his dream

That don’t come around no more

Said he wished to travel fast

Carve his name to a stone

Looked down from the floating cloud

And he was lonely; all alone


Tonight I count the stars

Honey, they light up the dark sky

Walk down through our yard

Leaves fallen in your waiting sigh

So when I lie in your arms

I say a silent prayer

You give me the taste of your lips

Promise won’t go anywhere


There ain’t a dog in this world

That ain’t looking for his bone

But I need no crown, no gold

Coz baby with you I’m home


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