You’ve got mail…


You flow like the wind

From the skies you descend

Who knows where you came from

Or where it is you head


You reflect in those numbers

That add up on my bar

Awake me from slumbers

Make me feel like a star


So I arise with excitement

Ah, my predicament

I am bird on a wire

I am addicted to your choir

Do you really derive merriment?

Toying with my naïve sentiment


Sometimes you make announcements

Sometimes promise enhancements

Sometimes you talk of saints

Sometimes needless complaints


But in the instant I see you

My hopes turn all blue

You ain’t my claim to fame

You’ve even misspelled my name


So with a grin so wry

I make you vanish; not die

We will meet again

I know you will surely try

But for tonight at least

This lid I shut; I slam

Head back to bed again

Damn you silly spam


18 responses »

    • 🙂 yes perhaps… or the ones about, i am young son of a former african/ arabian oligarch and i have money that i want you to invest in charity… crazy buggers.. anyway, thanks for reading mate…

    • thanks charles… i loved the one you did on your grandpa… what a wonderful and full life it seems he had.. beautiful

  1. I love this line “I am bird on a wire, I am addicted to your choir” That is an awesome image and great use of rhyme. I enjoyed this poem, it flows nicely, easy to read, and thought inspiring.

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