Fear of the known


Last night I stood at your doorstep

Left you with a kiss and a song

You said, honey, it feels so right now

But I knew there was something wrong


So as I walked back through this darkness

Trying to figure out the dusty roads

These lights they came right at me

Pulled me down into my well of words


Yeah, my blood there shines so crimson

Flowing through my open veins

I watch that cold, white apparition

It comes to life as my body drains


In its eyes I see my wisdom

Rolling warm down smooth skin

It’s the ink that colours my pages

The pain I turn to and let a story begin


Girl, I know with all your heady roses

You’ll bring me those numbing thorns

But it ain’t these scrapes that I am concerned

They, honey, are par for the course


So let me tell you what scares me

Let me say what I fear the most

In the smiles that shine on your face

And the promise that your love holds

I am afraid I’ll lose it once again

All that I’ve already lost

(Thanks so much for the title suggestions! Some really intriguing ones, I say :))


18 responses »

    • thanks… hmmm interesting… !! btw, i’ve made some changes in my settings… i’m not good at technology, but hope it’s made things easier 🙂 and hope you read through the others too…

  1. Have read some of them 🙂 Lot of depth in what you write.. The Travelogue you have written seems to be interesting.. would love to read that.

    • ahh nice… can i just say, please do!.. the sales are more than needed for the “let’s keep manoj writing” fund 😉

      but hey, on a serious note, thanks for reading and sharing your views… always like it when I can interact with someone and get their perspective on my material.

  2. if you can write a story using words,

    banana, monkey, safari, story, beach, music, coconut, that would be perfect too.

    Thanks for the contribution.

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