The In-betweens


It’s Saturday night

You’re standing by the door

I ain’t dragging my feet

But you still pull me to the floor

I watch your body move

As swift as the easy breeze

Wrap my arms around you

Do all you say; as you please


Honey that light burns through your eyes

As the music rises and dies

I wonder what I sometimes see

When I look inside you

Is it the way you really flow?

Or do I see what I want to know


Now girl you are the queen of that school

And I ain’t no queasy schmuck

But I’ve heard these tales of lore

Know all that they have in store

And even the best of loves, honey

They can get ripped at the seams

For the want of the simple in-betweens


Tonight as you put on your make up

Do up your hair all pretty

You draw me in with one glance

Ask me to live this moment; let go of reality

Honey, I can do this day

I can play by your romance

But as the moon wanes

And we get home with feet sore

Can you promise we’ll get through the rest

Coz until the next night

There are six more


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