I-Day Blues



My coffee’s on the counter

The cup’s blowing steam

I ain’t with you or against you

Not playing on any team

I know you’re a prophet

Like the one that’s once come

But there ain’t much that I can do

My blood’s gone cold; gone numb


I see you’re talking about the end of days

Trying to raise a new world

Tell me the lies that they’ve said

Yeah, I know the lies that I’ve heard


There was a day when I’d cried

You’d have called and I’d died

Then I saw her burning outside

Her love long gone in a dusty flag

Their kids still unfurl on days

But that’s for just our usual ways

You say they are proud and free

Who cares when you are hungry?


Yeah, I do love that ideal

But can’t for long be a fool

In the face of what’s real

So I can’t worry about the future

Don’t believe in no rapture

Is it my weakness?

Or is it your failure?

That now when you sell me that notion

This love for a great nation

All I see are games so ancient

In these times of revolution


(Despite the mellowness of the above, wish you all a very Happy Independence Day :))


2 responses »

    • 🙂 that’s totally fair… yeah, this is the cynic inside talking… and then there is the idealist that does things like the travelogue about India.. 🙂 thanks for sharing Nisha..

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