Land of heroes



I’ve got my feet stuck in this ditch

The moon above is getting bigger

Watch my friends; they all pass by

Hear the sound of their vain and silly cry

With their words and in their lust

I see them place their fickle trust

In my bold and brave figure

So even when I say, they can’t believe

Give me my buck, and I’ll pull the trigger


Now I know that they won’t know me

Still they say that they all care

These streets they light with candles

Lines and lines of hearty promises

But if I walk out here alive

Like the few that went before me

I know I might just be one of them

With not a leg to stand or survive


So tonight I hide amidst these trees

Rolling past these fields so full

Through my gun is all I see

A man looking for his kill

My eyes dark beneath the paint

My heart bleeds; but it never is faint

I watch him move out in the clear

Feel his blood rushing through his veins

All we know is each other’s fear

He ain’t a good man; I ain’t no saint


They say every land it needs a hero

A cause that becomes a man

There ain’t a soul who hasn’t felt that

It’s a dream that each has had

But when your breath becomes your cause

All you feel is a lonesome loss

Coz there ain’t no good; there ain’t no bad

You just do all that you can



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