My lover girl



Some days you treated me rough

And then you walked away

On those seldom nights

When our dreams got in each other’s way

Saw your face turn

The light changing in our room

Left me lonely in the search

Of that once promised land

So I watched you play out that weather-beaten trick

With these twisted, sweet lines

The ones you choose to forever stick

But when I called you out; when I asked you why

I knew you always had that old bone to pick

My lover girl


When you came back at day

Your eyes drenched with all you had

I held you in so close

For those words we shared unbridled remorse

But in those things that we now say

Darling, I wonder if this time

Have we finally lost our pure, loving way?

Now what these new hours will bring

I know that we both fear

And fear’s a dangerous thing

For it’s your heart you no longer trust

Yet for each of these mistakes

We say we learn and grow strong

But darling, can tell me how do you restore

That foolish and true faith

When a heart, so in love, breaks again and again

My lover girl…


(Confession: A bit adapted/inspired from a Springsteen song)


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