And so said dad…



There are nights that I see him

Rocking in that creaky pine chair

In his voice ever so wondrous

I know there lies untold despair

There’s a bond of life between us

These shackles nature’s bound us in

The love between a son and a father

Touched by a hate built into the age-old design


Now I grew up searching for a hero

The kind that never does exist

But for the cry of that child within

Ignore the truth, yeah as you do

Remain naive and persist

So I carried on till that fateful day

The hour we could see each other

Standing in the shadows off the light

As two men just like any other


So as I ask him tonight

Tell me how is it that you did

He spells out all his flaws

These aging eyes glistening and fervid

He says son I got no gospel to offer; not a saint’s advice

There are just two things that I know

And we each do them through all our lives

This is all I’ve learned through joy and strife

There are those days when you love someone

At others you find your soul burnt in a fight

My child, there ain’t much that ever is wrong

But then there is even lesser that ever is right

And in between these moments, you sit alone

Your body folded in your sheets

Your heart easing along in steady beats

And then you smile to the mirror

Tell yourself, how beautifully have I grown


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