A hair dare



It’s been a long while

To that day when we met

In the years that have gone by

We’ve shared such joy

And there’s been that regret

When we found ourselves

Trapped within life’s merry-go-round

Spun together; spun alone

For the want of these dreams

These hopes and loves we chase

Did you know that you and I

Yeah, the two of us

Would wind up in this strange place


There’s a comfort in our discomfort

An ease in this unease

In the wishes we claim

And the favors we offer

Never do I thank

You never say please

So today you ask again

Cloaked as a whimsical dare

Say can you ponder, Mr. writer

About a simple lock of hair

I stop to think; I hem and haw

Let the images flash through

Wonder what from them I draw


Down your face they come cascading

A sweet veil over your eyes

Behind them you smile

They’re your excuse; your lies

But these things I dare say

Coz that’s just not our way

But girl I wish you could know

That these games that we’ve played

How they’ve made my ends fray

For as we go through our days

Some stumbling; some gliding

Another knot today we unshackle

Through your wicked little chuckle

As you laugh at my age

And the line atop that’s receding


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