The first toast


I hear the church bells ring

The old door creaks as they walk through

These folks who drove all the way

To be here just for our special day


They rest now in neat wooden lines

Hushed words swirl through the sweet air

Your girls chuckle at your anxious sighs

As you add that final touch of flair


Outside the window my head’s sunk low

I am shifting my feet along the green grass

Pop’s filling me on all I should know

Says I better take care of his wicked lass


I look up; look straight; nervously meet his glare

Say, this is me; and there ain’t nothing to hide

Then we turn; my joy, his smile wry

As you come down the aisle; my beautiful bride


Now words have been my thing

Coz you’ve been my inspiration

But next to you, thinking of the life to come

My tongue’s frozen in anticipation

So I fumble through my pocket

Searching for those vows on a page

You hold them in your hand

Wink, as I say, I am yours for every age


When we stroll down arm in arm

This rice the crowd flings

By the side your gramp’s a bit high

We grab a shot with the others

Watch him get down, dirty and sing


Then in my car we sit

All set to hit the coast

But Pops clinks his glass

To love, he seeks our first toast


Girl, in my head are buzzing

A million brittle thoughts

Only, a rare fool lives the dream

That he’s forever sought

So I stand and smile

Yeah I say all that’s true

Raise the glass; kiss your lips

Whisper, I love you…


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