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Fairy Tails – 17


You’d walked out all on your own

Fruits of the eternal seed; how have you grown

Three rivers flowing from one ocean

In search of that divine creation

As you passed through her misty garden

Mama warned that the world’s kinda rough

So she asked you to hold on tight

Be nice and always play right

Do the best you can and remember your bond

Yeah the times, sweetheart, they can be tough

But don’t worry about those who huff and puff

Still as the days grew older

Your love grew cold

In your own vain image

The earth you sought to mould

Your straw; his sticks; my bricks

How long shall we play these silly tricks

My friend, there ain’t ever a culture

That binds humanity in such a stricture

You carved it out from the bones of the past

Then claimed it as your own little nation

A guide it is for the future

Your insurance against damnation

Yeah we all have to battle our own wolves

Those beasts with cloven hooves

But it’ll be a sad, funny ending

If we spent our lives pretending

This faith and all it took

So let’s take a moment alright

Look up at the stars tonight

Now in this pure, white light

Can you tell me that its more

More than just a dusty, old book

So, c’mon now turn the page brother

Let’s not isolate each other

In these homes that we call our own

They ain’t no cozy, little sanctuaries

Sitting by the fireplace

I am just tired of reading these obituaries

Come out now, blow down this wall

I know you can’t run

But at least let’s begin to crawl

And once again make our way home

It’s a long, long way from Rome

A million miles past that golden dome

Not in a cave on a distant mountain

Nor beside a stone that demands libation

It stands shining in the shade of the unseen tree

A land where we can some day be free

In our skins

You as just you

And me as me


Fairy tails -3


Through the woods on a windy day

You skipped along; your worries at bay

A velvet cloak; the bread and butter

Along the way, I came in for some chatter

They say I am bad, they say I am big

But even then, it’s me you dig

You share your path

Oh such a novice, I hath

Courtesy, that is your one vice

Wildflowers, I say, they would be nice

You pick the stems; I sneak beneath the hem

A knock; unlock

Baby you knew me; so why the shock

My eyes, my ears, me teeth

Such a tease; now don’t you retreat

You run around; I growl and howl

In came the hunter; honey now I am torn asunder

The gun he clicks; in turn I split

You sigh in relief; but I am sure there’s a bit of grief

For if it wasn’t for me; the Big Bad Wolf

You’d be nothing more than another girl in a little red hood