Land of heroes



I’ve got my feet stuck in this ditch

The moon above is getting bigger

Watch my friends; they all pass by

Hear the sound of their vain and silly cry

With their words and in their lust

I see them place their fickle trust

In my bold and brave figure

So even when I say, they can’t believe

Give me my buck, and I’ll pull the trigger


Now I know that they won’t know me

Still they say that they all care

These streets they light with candles

Lines and lines of hearty promises

But if I walk out here alive

Like the few that went before me

I know I might just be one of them

With not a leg to stand or survive


So tonight I hide amidst these trees

Rolling past these fields so full

Through my gun is all I see

A man looking for his kill

My eyes dark beneath the paint

My heart bleeds; but it never is faint

I watch him move out in the clear

Feel his blood rushing through his veins

All we know is each other’s fear

He ain’t a good man; I ain’t no saint


They say every land it needs a hero

A cause that becomes a man

There ain’t a soul who hasn’t felt that

It’s a dream that each has had

But when your breath becomes your cause

All you feel is a lonesome loss

Coz there ain’t no good; there ain’t no bad

You just do all that you can



A foolish faith…


I sit by your old picture

On a cold winter night

The sign out is flickering

In our lonely delight

As I count all the change

That was left loose on the counter

Blue lightening tears the sky

I hear the roaring thunder


So I step out and pull the plug

Hear them climb down from that truck

I see him walking my way

Their steps shaky and astray

The line’s dead in his pocket

As he holds her so tender

She’s wrapped in his jacket

Love’s woeful surrender


He asks me for the last sale

Says all he needs is a prayer

Tonight his love’s dying pale

The price of a crazy dare

He reads the lines on my aging face

Says sir I don’t care for the disgrace

It was a game; not meant ill

Didn’t I ever do what he will


Life rolls down his moist eyes

I smile at love’s silly lies

So I turn and pull up the shutter

Watch his face in the dirty puddle

The knife’s shining in his hand

As he drills it from behind


Now I fell limp to the floor

And they walked free through the door

But as I watched them raid the till

I lay silent, smiling and still

Think of people who live and die

Go by their days without a honest try

Chasing dreams of kings and gold

When all you need is one to hold


So as I rest my eyes heavy

Feel your rain wash through my blood

Might have fell for our foolish faith, honey

‘least I stood for all that we stood

I-Day Blues



My coffee’s on the counter

The cup’s blowing steam

I ain’t with you or against you

Not playing on any team

I know you’re a prophet

Like the one that’s once come

But there ain’t much that I can do

My blood’s gone cold; gone numb


I see you’re talking about the end of days

Trying to raise a new world

Tell me the lies that they’ve said

Yeah, I know the lies that I’ve heard


There was a day when I’d cried

You’d have called and I’d died

Then I saw her burning outside

Her love long gone in a dusty flag

Their kids still unfurl on days

But that’s for just our usual ways

You say they are proud and free

Who cares when you are hungry?


Yeah, I do love that ideal

But can’t for long be a fool

In the face of what’s real

So I can’t worry about the future

Don’t believe in no rapture

Is it my weakness?

Or is it your failure?

That now when you sell me that notion

This love for a great nation

All I see are games so ancient

In these times of revolution


(Despite the mellowness of the above, wish you all a very Happy Independence Day :))

The In-betweens


It’s Saturday night

You’re standing by the door

I ain’t dragging my feet

But you still pull me to the floor

I watch your body move

As swift as the easy breeze

Wrap my arms around you

Do all you say; as you please


Honey that light burns through your eyes

As the music rises and dies

I wonder what I sometimes see

When I look inside you

Is it the way you really flow?

Or do I see what I want to know


Now girl you are the queen of that school

And I ain’t no queasy schmuck

But I’ve heard these tales of lore

Know all that they have in store

And even the best of loves, honey

They can get ripped at the seams

For the want of the simple in-betweens


Tonight as you put on your make up

Do up your hair all pretty

You draw me in with one glance

Ask me to live this moment; let go of reality

Honey, I can do this day

I can play by your romance

But as the moon wanes

And we get home with feet sore

Can you promise we’ll get through the rest

Coz until the next night

There are six more

One for the road…


You live by your reality

And there’s nothing else

This talk about life and love

Yeah, it don’t make sense

The books of dusty reason

Line up your shaky shelf

But even in the light of day

You can’t find yourself


So here’s one for the road

Here’s one to your health

Here’s one to the these words

And the cards that we’re dealt

Let’s drink to you tonight


These trips down memory lane

The ones you always take

Wipe the frowns from the faces

Replace them with smiles so fake

You sum up these old stories

In lines so clear; so succinct

But can’t wash away those wounds

Yeah the ones that time did inflict


So here’s one for the road

Here’s one to your health

Here’s one to the these words

And the cards that we’re dealt

Let’s drink to you tonight


Now when you wander down the valley

As we all must someday do

There lie wicked little charms

Of a temptation new

You can riddle through this reason

Talk about each and every fear

But as much as you may sow it up

You know you’ll still see the tear


So here’s one for the road

Here’s one to your health

Here’s one to the these words

And the cards that we’re dealt

Here’s one to your love

One to life itself

One to your name

One more to this game

Let’s drink to you tonight

Fear of the known


Last night I stood at your doorstep

Left you with a kiss and a song

You said, honey, it feels so right now

But I knew there was something wrong


So as I walked back through this darkness

Trying to figure out the dusty roads

These lights they came right at me

Pulled me down into my well of words


Yeah, my blood there shines so crimson

Flowing through my open veins

I watch that cold, white apparition

It comes to life as my body drains


In its eyes I see my wisdom

Rolling warm down smooth skin

It’s the ink that colours my pages

The pain I turn to and let a story begin


Girl, I know with all your heady roses

You’ll bring me those numbing thorns

But it ain’t these scrapes that I am concerned

They, honey, are par for the course


So let me tell you what scares me

Let me say what I fear the most

In the smiles that shine on your face

And the promise that your love holds

I am afraid I’ll lose it once again

All that I’ve already lost

(Thanks so much for the title suggestions! Some really intriguing ones, I say :))

You’ve got mail…


You flow like the wind

From the skies you descend

Who knows where you came from

Or where it is you head


You reflect in those numbers

That add up on my bar

Awake me from slumbers

Make me feel like a star


So I arise with excitement

Ah, my predicament

I am bird on a wire

I am addicted to your choir

Do you really derive merriment?

Toying with my naïve sentiment


Sometimes you make announcements

Sometimes promise enhancements

Sometimes you talk of saints

Sometimes needless complaints


But in the instant I see you

My hopes turn all blue

You ain’t my claim to fame

You’ve even misspelled my name


So with a grin so wry

I make you vanish; not die

We will meet again

I know you will surely try

But for tonight at least

This lid I shut; I slam

Head back to bed again

Damn you silly spam